Chemical Peel

A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to the outer layers of your skin, revealing the more youthful skin underneath. Chemical peels can reduce or improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scars, uneven skin coloring and other skin imperfections. Different chemicals determine the depth of your peel and type of skin condition treated.

WHat to expect

Downtime varies depending on the intensity of the chemical peel selected. 

Price Varies 

Provides vibrant, radiant looking skin with minimal downtime. Appropriate for mild skin imperfections.

Illuminize Peel (mild)

Treats wrinkes, unevenness, acne scarring or pigmentation. For mild to moderate skin imperfections.

Vitalize Peel (Moderate)

Treatment Areas

Smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Appropriate for moderate to severe skin imperfections.

Rejuvenize Peel (Deep)

*Please do not use retinol 1 week prior to procedure. Let us know in advance if you have a history of cold sores.

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